Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I know its late but I wanted to get this on before midnight while on my way to sleep. You see I have a 5:30 am date with the Firm to firm my butt tomorrow...yep my derriere. We had our first date this morning-after waking up late and calling in sick (thanks coworker!). I've decided to start trying to get my workouts in the morning to avoids the excuses in the evening. I felt better after the workout too I just hate working out but I'm trying to get some results which will not happen without changes...ok goodnight y'all! Don't want to be late for my date.

Monday, May 28, 2012

And Im Back!

24 days until summer so I'm going to see what I'm going to do with it. I know I've been back and away...away and back time again but life happens...things happens...thanks for hanging in there with me! I wanted to start a month to summer challenge with myself but I missed that boat. I kept putting it off until tomorrow and you know how that goes, right? Yeppppppp. Anyhoo I had an epiphany yesterday (and of course it involved a man) SMDH I don't know why my most of my epiphanies involve men but they do...sad but true. So I had an epiphany yesterday and decided that its time to get back to the old me and stop talking about it. I felt so much more confident when I was at my hard work weight  than where I'm at now. I felt more comfortable in my skin, shopping was easier, going out was funner (not sure of that word but you know what I'm saying)...I just felt good! Knowing that all my eating right and hard work in the gym got me into the jeans (MFP: InMyJeans). I like the compliments  and the looks that truth be told I get now but my confidence just isn't where it needs to be. And its showing in my relationships with people and my work life. So its time to take back me and I'll try to blog everyday...the good...the bad...and even the ugly.  My starting weight is now 195.6 - 3 days ago I was at 199.8 and the other day I had went over 200 at 201.2...again! SMDH <---you'll be seeing a lot of that. Just shameful. Why is it so much easier to gain than to lose? My size 2 sister can't gain an ounce for the life of her but I gain 5 pounds if I eat a candy bar. She wants to gain, I want to lose why can't our metabolisms or bodies switch? LOL #thestruggle SN: I hate when ppl hash tag on Facebook so I don't know why I hash tagged here but oh well. My blog, right? LOL cool. Well Im off to finish making din din i.e baked chicken, corn, and macaroni and cheese (somewhat light...yes I know I bought all this cheese before I had this epiphany and it cost too damn much to throw it out but at least I'll be using reduced fat milk *Kanye Shrug*).

BTW Happy Memorial Day...if you had some BBQ today enjoy it and start with me on your next meal! ;-)