Monday, September 10, 2012

Weigh In

No detailed post because I really haven't been in the mood for writing. Its hard to get back on track when you keep falling off but my weigh in was 194.6 this morning. I've been binging on ice cream and cakes. It has become an addiction that I cannot keep bringing into my house. SMDH...I'll be on it again. Hopefully soon. I want to be as fit as I was in 2008 when I was working out like a racehorse. Errgghhh.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


1 Chicken Breast -seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic powder (not salt), and a little season salt.

1 pkg of Green Giant Antioxidants Blend Vegetables

Total Cals: 250

Add a medium sweet potato for a additional 103 calories

Sunday, June 24, 2012


...even on a Sunday.

I've been so busy with launching my business and getting everything together that I haven't been able to post. I hit a milestone of getting back into the 180's that I didn't even get a chance to share! Yessssss! Hopefully when I get on the scale tomorrow, it won't go away. When I first stepped on the scale I actually thought it was broken so I had to have my daughter get on the scale just to double check LOL! I knew her weight was right so the scale wasn't playing tricks on me and I finally jumped over my plateau and my hard work was paying off. The thing about it is (and I've done this before) I had to trick my body by going over my cals with some not so healthy things, so it wouldn't hold on to the fat lingering on this body of mine. That could either work or backfire but I was so fed up that I didn't care and it worked! Now I did that for one day, with one meal, and I was back on track the next day so if you do care to try that I would suggest NOT if you know you don't have the willpower. My willpower is not that great but when I want something bad like me being able to run a mile easy or fit into my old jeans, my willpower is like the great wall of China. Purchase two new multivitamins now I'm hoping I remember to take them. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

No Cake Until July.

I know I said no cake until July (which is my daughters birthday) but damn I want some cake! LOL I've been working my ass off for the past few weeks and my weight has barely budged. Matter of fact, I've just been maintaining which makes no sense because even when I eat fast food everyday I maintain. So I dont know why my body is holding on to this weight, when I've been clean eating. Chicken breast, low sodium, tuna, tilapia, salads, homemade not even from the store...but my weight has literally barely budged. Ive been weighing in at 192 everyday (bc I weigh in everyday) and it is driving me crazy. Im about to have my daughter hide the scale again bc I must admit Im addicted and Im going nuts! I've also been eating very heavy on the meats to keep me from eating so many carbs but that has just left me feeling heavy. I wish I could find a consistent, healthy way of eating which brings me to my next thing. Im also considering becoming a pescatarian (sp?) because of how I've been feeling the past few weeks of eating meat, which mainly consist of chicken because Im not a big red meat eater. I don't know if its age but my body has not been doing so great with meat as of late. Ugh! The struggle...why won't my body just let me be great?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blood, Sweat, and sometimes Tears.

Still suffering from a cough that I'm convinced is never going away because my coworker keeps coming to work sick. But I still managed to get a decent workout in after work. 45 mins and 3.25 miles later I was left with this. Let's get it! 7 days until summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"You are what you you eat will have a junk body." -Jeanette Jenkins.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I must admit my Get Summertime Fine challenge has been ....a challenge. I've been sick since the weekend before Memorial Day from a cold to more than likely a sinus infection by the time I made it to the doctor I had a mild case of bronchitis, which of course affects your breathing. So it has been challenging trying to get my weight down because its been on a roller coaster. Last Monday, I started my week of at 192.8 (surprisingly) and by the next day I was up to 194 -yes, I weight myself everyday. That's the only way I can keep myself accountable and stick to a weight because if I don't I can easily blow up 10+ pounds and it gets out control. Weighing myself everyday determines how I'm going to eat for that day and workout. Hey it may not work for you if you're trying to lose weight but it's what works for me. I'm going to shoot for 5 workouts this week and get back on the morning workouts too. I decided I would try that every other week because I find that when I workout in the morning I have no excuses about not getting it in, but I also find that I have to go to bed earlier to get up at 5 AM for the workout =( The sacrifices we make for weight loss but I have to keep in mind that I want to look good on December 11th when I turn 30 (God willing)! So Im off to workout.....Ciao! Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Nights Dinner

4 Oz (1/4) Sirloin Burger

1 slice of Jack Cheese

Onion Roll (I used Publix)

Sweet Potato Fries (1 serving Alexia brand)

Total Cals: 612 cals

That's like the calories just for a Big Mac with no fries. Sirloin cut is on the leaner side but still juicy. If I wasn't pushed for time I would've grabbed lettuce and a tomato to top it off but it was enjoyed just fine without. Try it out, the next time you think about that McDonalds or Burger King burger!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank You Beyonce!

My eating was pretty good today but I almost started not to workout until I went over and saw...

This woman had a baby in January....of this year!

Mmmh yeah! Now granted she may have a chef to cook healthy meals and a personal trainer to give her guidance in the gym....she just had a baby in January! LOL People want to know how she did it or they hate her because she did it so quickly but cot damn! This right here got me in the apartment's fitness center so quick I barely ate my dinner. Its like she never even had a baby at all and I can't even blame her for wanting to get back to her pre-baby body. I think that concert held this past Memorial Day was done just to push her to get there sooner than later because speaking from experience the longer you wait to try to lose weight after a baby the harder it is. I know I wish I would have but I wasn't nor am I a millionaire when I had my babe so I didn't have the luxury of having so much time off before "getting back to business". But I digress after seeing these I went and did 3 miles on old faithful aka the apt treadmill seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now Im off to bed to sleep good and hopefully wake up in the AM for an arm workout before the doctor's and work. Goodnight All!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Healthy Breakfast : 246 cals

1 cup unsweetened Almond milk

3 oz banana

1.5.cup Cascadian Farms Honey Oats

Delicious! Quick and easy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I couldn't keep up with my promise of posting everyday but I have kept my promise to myself to workout! Yay me! I worked out everyday excluding Friday because I was starting to get too sore and I  know my limits. And despite still getting over this cold I've had going on since the week ending before Memorial Day I hung in there.

Challenges I Faced This Week:

Cake on Wednesday
Fresh, hot donuts on Thursday and ice cream cake ...Carvel Ice Cream Cake!! Hold up lets talk about this one. Anyone that knows me knows that I love cake and Carvel is like the best ice cream cake makers in the world (yes...the world!) so me resisting that was HUGE!  Mmh I still want some but its good that I didn't because though I am a huge ice cream lover and dairy lover Im lactose intolerant. And if you know nothing about that just google what happens when a lactose intolerant person consumes dairy O_o but moving on...
More cake on Friday!

I had a week full of challenges plus I have a kids party to attend on Sunday so I'll be resisting even more stuff then. And its not that I can't or won't have any ever again but I know myself and at this point in the game if I take a bite...I take a slice next thing you know Im eating the whole damn thing. So no cake until July! (July is my babe's birthday so that makes that even more special  - Thank you Lord!) Well Im off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday, hit up IKEA (maybe) and rest this body of mine because Im having tummy issues.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I know its late but I wanted to get this on before midnight while on my way to sleep. You see I have a 5:30 am date with the Firm to firm my butt tomorrow...yep my derriere. We had our first date this morning-after waking up late and calling in sick (thanks coworker!). I've decided to start trying to get my workouts in the morning to avoids the excuses in the evening. I felt better after the workout too I just hate working out but I'm trying to get some results which will not happen without changes...ok goodnight y'all! Don't want to be late for my date.

Monday, May 28, 2012

And Im Back!

24 days until summer so I'm going to see what I'm going to do with it. I know I've been back and away...away and back time again but life happens...things happens...thanks for hanging in there with me! I wanted to start a month to summer challenge with myself but I missed that boat. I kept putting it off until tomorrow and you know how that goes, right? Yeppppppp. Anyhoo I had an epiphany yesterday (and of course it involved a man) SMDH I don't know why my most of my epiphanies involve men but they do...sad but true. So I had an epiphany yesterday and decided that its time to get back to the old me and stop talking about it. I felt so much more confident when I was at my hard work weight  than where I'm at now. I felt more comfortable in my skin, shopping was easier, going out was funner (not sure of that word but you know what I'm saying)...I just felt good! Knowing that all my eating right and hard work in the gym got me into the jeans (MFP: InMyJeans). I like the compliments  and the looks that truth be told I get now but my confidence just isn't where it needs to be. And its showing in my relationships with people and my work life. So its time to take back me and I'll try to blog everyday...the good...the bad...and even the ugly.  My starting weight is now 195.6 - 3 days ago I was at 199.8 and the other day I had went over 200 at 201.2...again! SMDH <---you'll be seeing a lot of that. Just shameful. Why is it so much easier to gain than to lose? My size 2 sister can't gain an ounce for the life of her but I gain 5 pounds if I eat a candy bar. She wants to gain, I want to lose why can't our metabolisms or bodies switch? LOL #thestruggle SN: I hate when ppl hash tag on Facebook so I don't know why I hash tagged here but oh well. My blog, right? LOL cool. Well Im off to finish making din din i.e baked chicken, corn, and macaroni and cheese (somewhat light...yes I know I bought all this cheese before I had this epiphany and it cost too damn much to throw it out but at least I'll be using reduced fat milk *Kanye Shrug*).

BTW Happy Memorial Day...if you had some BBQ today enjoy it and start with me on your next meal! ;-)

Friday, March 9, 2012


Woke up this morning and I hit a new milestone! I am now in the 180's....189.4 to be exact :-D  yay me! Consistency and my efforts are paying off. This weekend will be spent at Disney, walking around all day so that should be a good calorie burner. I probably won't weigh myself again until my normal check in day on Monday but I'm feeling really good right now. Have a good Friday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

8 Months Until 30...

I know we're now 3 months in the new year (WTH did February go?) but had an epiphany today. Outside of weight loss and a little about weight loss but I have 8 months until Im 30! Yes 30! I've been feeling rather stagnant lately well for awhile on all fronts between my career (if you can call it that), my weight, and my life. So I just wanted to jot down a few things I want to do by 30.

  • Wear tights with shorts
  • Wear skinny jeans AGAIN
  • Go to Paris for my 30th birthday (which ain't happening until I get a new job so...)
  • Get a new job and start a career
  • Get my income $$$ up *read above*
  • Get a boyfriend...I haven't been in a relationship in so long. I really need to take it slow the next time. I have a tendency to move to fast and end up w/o a boyfriend.
  • Get my passport
  • And finally....
  • Reach my goal weight / dress size /body type /(whatever it may be, Im sure I'll know it when I see it).
Welp! That's it. SN: Im up 2 pounds! Yes 2 body is holding on to something. It needs to release it. I thought I would hit the 180's this Monday but I dont think its going to happen. Ugh! Good news is Im on a shoe string budget so every meal I eat next week will be homecooked. Lets see how that works out O_o

Monday, February 27, 2012


Didn't take a day to put it on, so its going to take more than a day to take it off. Realizations I have to keep remembering. Had to take a rest day today that I didn't want to but my back had been hurting since this morning so I think its best. I'm back down to 191.4 which I'm excited about, 3 pounds away from my lowest weight since July. Which is when my mother passed and I started gaining...and Losing..and  gaining...repeating again. Can't wait until I'm out of the 190's for good. Losing is hard and keeping it off is harder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I must admit I've been feeling so defeated. I gain weight, lose weight, gain, lose, and the cycle repeats itself. I was doing really good then I got sick last week and it was back at Day 1. Ugh! I'm really feeling like I can't get past 190. I've done it before...twice over but my body is just not having it this time around. Stuck. It looks like I may to do something extreme to get over this hump. But then again that would only be temporary and I don't have  the willpower so scratch that. I don't know weekday I'm going to do. I'm going to try to workout at a minimum of 3x per week and lay off...minimize the fast food. Ahhhh

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling Ashamed....

Again.  After recommitting myself back to fitness I fell off the wagon again y'all. Between a new job, the holidays, trying to start a business, and adjusting to a new city I haven't been able to stay on track AND on top of that I've lost all motivation. I swear dating is not a positive for me when trying to lose weight. Guys want to feed you and you're enjoying their time mostly around food, because they don't understand, and "baby you look good this way" -its just hard! Now I won't say I'm just eating all willy nilly..ok maybe I am LOL but I do have my healthy habit days so luckily I've been at least at the same weight which is good for me but it would be even better if I was at my goal and maintaining. After all the weight I've lost I can't believe 35 pounds is keeping me from my goal. I need to lose 5 pounds 7 times! I can do it...eventually.