Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Things I Want To Do This Year.

1. Laugh more.

2. Lose these last 30-40 pounds.

3.  Meet new people and build new relationships.

4. Get outside of my comfort zone. When ppl ask me out, even when I don't want to go...go.

5. Exercise at last two times a week.

6. Take a mini vacation. Somewhere..anywhere..somewhere. Even if its solo.

7. Get back into spending time with my daughter doing fun stuff.

8. Talk to my grandmothers again. As you know my mother passed away in July and the both have done some hurtful things that made me stop speaking to them both.

*Ok I'm getting mad again this may not be doable this year >:-(

9. Keep in touch with friends, family, new friends. I'm so bad about returning calls and whatnot. I need to do better.

10. Fall in love and ends things that are not good for new or to me.