Sunday, January 18, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Wow! Welcome to 2015! *blows dust* thank you for hanging with me if you're still here AND if you just joined me hang on =)

I've been on this journey..Yes journey from quite some time. I really feel like Janet Jackson with the way my weight had gone up and down and up and up...geesh! I've lost a total of over 100 lbs combined between the last two times I've attempted to get fit. It's especially been a challenge since I lost my mother in 2011. I've moved, changed jobs, fell in love (still in love), and gained crazy weight.

I decided to get myself together last November with the motivation from DietBet and decided to continue into the new year. I don't know what it is...well I do bc I like to buy things lol bit $$$ keeps me motivated. I'll talk more about that later so stay tuned and let's get fit!

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