Saturday, June 2, 2012


I couldn't keep up with my promise of posting everyday but I have kept my promise to myself to workout! Yay me! I worked out everyday excluding Friday because I was starting to get too sore and I  know my limits. And despite still getting over this cold I've had going on since the week ending before Memorial Day I hung in there.

Challenges I Faced This Week:

Cake on Wednesday
Fresh, hot donuts on Thursday and ice cream cake ...Carvel Ice Cream Cake!! Hold up lets talk about this one. Anyone that knows me knows that I love cake and Carvel is like the best ice cream cake makers in the world (yes...the world!) so me resisting that was HUGE!  Mmh I still want some but its good that I didn't because though I am a huge ice cream lover and dairy lover Im lactose intolerant. And if you know nothing about that just google what happens when a lactose intolerant person consumes dairy O_o but moving on...
More cake on Friday!

I had a week full of challenges plus I have a kids party to attend on Sunday so I'll be resisting even more stuff then. And its not that I can't or won't have any ever again but I know myself and at this point in the game if I take a bite...I take a slice next thing you know Im eating the whole damn thing. So no cake until July! (July is my babe's birthday so that makes that even more special  - Thank you Lord!) Well Im off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday, hit up IKEA (maybe) and rest this body of mine because Im having tummy issues.

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