Monday, June 4, 2012

Thank You Beyonce!

My eating was pretty good today but I almost started not to workout until I went over and saw...

This woman had a baby in January....of this year!

Mmmh yeah! Now granted she may have a chef to cook healthy meals and a personal trainer to give her guidance in the gym....she just had a baby in January! LOL People want to know how she did it or they hate her because she did it so quickly but cot damn! This right here got me in the apartment's fitness center so quick I barely ate my dinner. Its like she never even had a baby at all and I can't even blame her for wanting to get back to her pre-baby body. I think that concert held this past Memorial Day was done just to push her to get there sooner than later because speaking from experience the longer you wait to try to lose weight after a baby the harder it is. I know I wish I would have but I wasn't nor am I a millionaire when I had my babe so I didn't have the luxury of having so much time off before "getting back to business". But I digress after seeing these I went and did 3 miles on old faithful aka the apt treadmill seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now Im off to bed to sleep good and hopefully wake up in the AM for an arm workout before the doctor's and work. Goodnight All!

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