Sunday, June 24, 2012


...even on a Sunday.

I've been so busy with launching my business and getting everything together that I haven't been able to post. I hit a milestone of getting back into the 180's that I didn't even get a chance to share! Yessssss! Hopefully when I get on the scale tomorrow, it won't go away. When I first stepped on the scale I actually thought it was broken so I had to have my daughter get on the scale just to double check LOL! I knew her weight was right so the scale wasn't playing tricks on me and I finally jumped over my plateau and my hard work was paying off. The thing about it is (and I've done this before) I had to trick my body by going over my cals with some not so healthy things, so it wouldn't hold on to the fat lingering on this body of mine. That could either work or backfire but I was so fed up that I didn't care and it worked! Now I did that for one day, with one meal, and I was back on track the next day so if you do care to try that I would suggest NOT if you know you don't have the willpower. My willpower is not that great but when I want something bad like me being able to run a mile easy or fit into my old jeans, my willpower is like the great wall of China. Purchase two new multivitamins now I'm hoping I remember to take them. Have a great weekend!

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