Sunday, June 17, 2012

No Cake Until July.

I know I said no cake until July (which is my daughters birthday) but damn I want some cake! LOL I've been working my ass off for the past few weeks and my weight has barely budged. Matter of fact, I've just been maintaining which makes no sense because even when I eat fast food everyday I maintain. So I dont know why my body is holding on to this weight, when I've been clean eating. Chicken breast, low sodium, tuna, tilapia, salads, homemade not even from the store...but my weight has literally barely budged. Ive been weighing in at 192 everyday (bc I weigh in everyday) and it is driving me crazy. Im about to have my daughter hide the scale again bc I must admit Im addicted and Im going nuts! I've also been eating very heavy on the meats to keep me from eating so many carbs but that has just left me feeling heavy. I wish I could find a consistent, healthy way of eating which brings me to my next thing. Im also considering becoming a pescatarian (sp?) because of how I've been feeling the past few weeks of eating meat, which mainly consist of chicken because Im not a big red meat eater. I don't know if its age but my body has not been doing so great with meat as of late. Ugh! The struggle...why won't my body just let me be great?

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