Saturday, March 3, 2012

8 Months Until 30...

I know we're now 3 months in the new year (WTH did February go?) but had an epiphany today. Outside of weight loss and a little about weight loss but I have 8 months until Im 30! Yes 30! I've been feeling rather stagnant lately well for awhile on all fronts between my career (if you can call it that), my weight, and my life. So I just wanted to jot down a few things I want to do by 30.

  • Wear tights with shorts
  • Wear skinny jeans AGAIN
  • Go to Paris for my 30th birthday (which ain't happening until I get a new job so...)
  • Get a new job and start a career
  • Get my income $$$ up *read above*
  • Get a boyfriend...I haven't been in a relationship in so long. I really need to take it slow the next time. I have a tendency to move to fast and end up w/o a boyfriend.
  • Get my passport
  • And finally....
  • Reach my goal weight / dress size /body type /(whatever it may be, Im sure I'll know it when I see it).
Welp! That's it. SN: Im up 2 pounds! Yes 2 body is holding on to something. It needs to release it. I thought I would hit the 180's this Monday but I dont think its going to happen. Ugh! Good news is Im on a shoe string budget so every meal I eat next week will be homecooked. Lets see how that works out O_o

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