Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling Ashamed....

Again.  After recommitting myself back to fitness I fell off the wagon again y'all. Between a new job, the holidays, trying to start a business, and adjusting to a new city I haven't been able to stay on track AND on top of that I've lost all motivation. I swear dating is not a positive for me when trying to lose weight. Guys want to feed you and you're enjoying their time mostly around food, because they don't understand, and "baby you look good this way" -its just hard! Now I won't say I'm just eating all willy nilly..ok maybe I am LOL but I do have my healthy habit days so luckily I've been at least at the same weight which is good for me but it would be even better if I was at my goal and maintaining. After all the weight I've lost I can't believe 35 pounds is keeping me from my goal. I need to lose 5 pounds 7 times! I can do it...eventually.

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