Friday, October 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

5 Days 3 Workouts! Feeling real accomplished right now. I set a goal and I reached it, now Im praying for the willpower to continue to eat right and exercise to tone. I really want to gain more muscle and lose more fat. By any means necessary...well almost any means. I've seen people do juice fast, HCG, only eat non fat cottage cheese for days just to lose weight and right now Im not there. And Im not knocking their diet hustle but I tried and I've never had the willpower to hold off for that long. I did 3 Firm workouts with 2 days of 15 HIIT workouts from Turbo Fire. I noticed that my lethargy hasn't been bad this week and I've had more energy, even as I type Im ready to go workout again. Don't want to overdo myself but I just want to do because I feel like doing it. Now I see why I enjoyed working out for 2 hours at a time during one point of my WL journey. The feeling of feeling good and also the feeling of fitting into more clothes when I go shopping which I LOVE to do when Im at a good weight. Hopefully I can continue this momentum and be closer to my goal by my burfday =) December 11th if you were curious. Uh oh the devil aka my neighbor is home...preparing for all the rawkus.

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