Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goals: Get Physical!

Tomorrow is not promised but it will be the first day that I started exercising again regularly, because something has got to give! I've been feeling so sluggish lately that I really think that exercising will help this because all this fast food and no exercise has been wearing me down. Along with my new job which is stressful in itself, I need a stress reliever. It's such a beautfiul day outside and yet I can't force myself to do anything because Im just so tired - Im even yawning as I type. I thought this would remedy itself by getting more rest during the weekend than the week but it hasn't thus far.

So the plan for this week is as follows:

Limit fast food
Eat at least two fruits or vegetables
Workout at least 3x this week

Thats it no less but maybe more its what I plan to accomplish this week. When I eat right 80% of the time and exercise I lose weight but when I don't eat right and don't exercise I gradually gain. Not trying to go over 200 pounds again, Im just too short, and my body frame can't handle the weight. At the end of the day your health is all you have, so you have take care of it because no one else will. This morning's weight was 199.0 or .8 can't remember exactly but I've been floating between 197-199 range for the past week. Slowly teetering to 200, I will NOT be defeated.

You all have a great week!

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