Friday, October 7, 2011

Big As A House.

I don't what it is but I can't seem to get back on track. I think I restart my "workout/diet (hate that word)" plan every day or every week and I just can't seem to get focused. I have a healthy meal planned out for breakfast and one for lunch and somewhere between leaving my house and getting to work I find myself in the drive thru line at (insert tasty fast food restaurant here). I JUST CANT GET IT TOGETHER! But sure enough nothing gets me motivated than going to the store and trying out clothes. And when they don't fit it puts me in a funk and I walk out the store with the dressing room blues...which is exactly what happened today. My cousin will be getting married in about two weeks and I had a perfect dress to wear to her wedding but now I can't wear it  so I decided to try and find something on my lunchbreak today. Now my clothes fit without struggle but they just didn't look good on me. I looked liked a stuff sausage! Errrggghhh I ended up laughing myself out of the dressing room and into the Active section of the store to walk out with a new pair of workout pants and a sports/compression bra for my morning workout. Mios Dios! Something has got to give and I'll be damn if its my ass stretching as a house...again LOL! I remember growing up my great grandfather -God bless his soul- would tell me "if you keep eating like that you're going to be as big as a won't be able to fit through the door". Of course, I never got that big but thats what it brings me back to when my clothes don't fit. Ay Caramba!

Lord please let me wake up and put it in my heart to workout. I used to love working out, please let me love it again =)


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