Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not My 1st Time Around

So this isn't my first time at the rodeo when it comes to this weight loss thing. Nope! In 2007/2008 I lost 67 pounds, going from 235 to 168 through cardio, strength training, and eating whatever I wanted. Subsequently, I gained it all back plus some after my two hour gym routine stopped when I was in a car accident Fall 2008.  My weight skyrocketed to my all time high of 242.3 and being honest that was the weight I decided to make a change but I believe I hit 250 at some point. Eating everything, no exercise, clothes fitting tight, I was just uncomfortable. Yet still I didn't get serious about my weight loss until January of this year. I think alot of it contributed to not having support around me (which I didn't have before so I don't know why I expected this time), I had a buddy that was suppose to be doing this with me but she basically encouraged me to eat so I could be as big as she was. Ok so maybe it wasn't intentional but it felt that way. Thankfully I wised up and I left her behind along with the rest of my behind, ha! So that brings us to today I an now down to 189.2 (yay me!) But I'm noticing this time around the weight is coming off differently. I can wear clothes at this weight that I couldn't wear until I hit the 170's now (which of all good and dandy), BUT I have more back fat than I did when I was my current weight before, an d also more flab instead of muscle. Which of what I ultimately want...toned arms, muscular/toned legs, smaller tummy (momma has given up on a six pack years ago), just a lean look. Which I'm not getting through diet and cardio. I'm looking like a weight watcher girl (no offense to those that use WW). But I tend to see alot of WW ppl with flabby skin bc they focus on mainly diet with no/little exercise to lose weight hence the flabby skin. And I don't want to look like that, I don't want to be skinny fat. I want to be fit goshdammit! So I've decided to change my routine and add a mandatory 3 strength training sessions a week with my cardio routine. Time to build some muscle and I hope it works.

Here's a picture of me as of yesterday. I'm feeling better about my body but the pictures let me know I have a long way to go. 

Oh yeah my new goal is 160 (not sure if I mentioned it here but before it was 140). I know what that BMI chart says but I remember feeling great at 168 for the short time it lasted. But who knows if I don't feel that way this time around I'll just lower it.

Until then au revoir! Off to Zumba and maybe yoga :-)

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