Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking An -L

Ok yesterday didn't go as all. Not one bit. Today didn't go so smoothly either. TOM is kicking my add and taking over my life. After this weekend, well including today I won't be weighing myself for two weeks. Well I may no never mind I won't. Don't want to set myself up for even more failure because my eating had been atrocious. Bagels, bacon, eggs,  and another bagel :/ for breakfast then I had fries, chicken avocado wrap for lunch smdh I ain't no good right now lol. I don't know what I'm having for dinner but I'm ready to chuck the whole week up as a loss. If its one thing for sure, its that weight loss isn't got the weak of heart or should I say willpower? I have none when TOM comes to visit. That's ok. The scale moved that's month and my arms are looking better. Matter of fact my whole body is looking better. Caught a glimpse of my ass (yep I said my ass, don't judge me its mine! :-p) in the mirror last night and had to do a double take. My while backside is looking goot (no typo either)! Not mad at that one bit either. Shows all my hard work and now that I'm in the second round things are getting harder. My 5 day "vacation" starts tomorrow so I'm hoping to workout at least 3x between now and then. Working out usually gives me an incentive to eat better because no one wants to feel like shot while working out at least I don't. Lawd give me strength!

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