Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Long Weekend.

This real had been a tough week for me as far as everything. Mentally, food wise, I just haven't been able to get my head back into the game. I was doing really well got down to 190.8 but between TOM and caving in to my mothers cooking (which is usually extra salty, extra fat, extra everything I don't normally eat anymore) I'm bloated. So I'm back up 192.2 this morning, which I know will go away in a few days but still. This is the part where being a woman sucks. Hopefully I will be able to workout today. I feel so heavy...i need to get on track. 2.3 from this months goal so close and yet so far. I'll be fasting until 1 today or lunch time. Maybe longer until I feel lighter. Bbq weekend is coming up so this will be a long weekend too. Wish me luck!

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