Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hi My Name Is _____And Im a Shopping Addict.

Have you ever had to say that to yourself? Now that you've lost all this weight, you naturally have to buy new clothes that fit you properly but when does it become overboard? I've lost weight everywhere so I even have more shoe options along with clothing options and Im feeling like Im turning into a shopping addict. Today I bought two new pair of shoes and a top, which I know I deserve because I've been working hard BUT I still have clothes in my closet that I can fit into again from the first time I lost weight. So I don't want to overload my closet when I have still fashionable clothes I can fit. Im just wondering where should I draw the line? I've heard of stories on Oprah where people lost alot of weight and battled food addictions to transfer it into a shopping addiction. I don't want to be one of those people because the Lord knows I can't afford it but losing weight has boosted my confidence and looking good in nice clothes help that. Mmmh I can't wait until I get to my goal size. BTW I LOVE being a woman! Nobody can tell me that its anything better. Wearing heels, dresses, and jewelry Oh My! I just love it. Ok Im done. Maybe I'll post pictures of my purchases later. Im still eyeing another pair but Im waiting until they go on sale or at least until I can find a way to get a discount on this marked down shoes. DSW is having a MAJOR sale, if you're reading this hop on that!

EDIT: Oh yeah I hit my half way mark and I am now down 50 lbs with spin class in the morning. Yay me!

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