Sunday, June 19, 2011

FAQ: What Diet Am I On?

I must admit. Last week I was feeling rather shitty about my weight loss progress thus far. Being that I had set high goals for myself, though slightly unrealistic or maybe not but for me it was because I slacked off on things I was doing in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I wanted to lose a continous 10 pounds a month, which would put me down to around 180 by now or in that range. But of course, I became less strict about my diet (and when I say diet Im not speaking about "The Cabbage Diet", "Atkin Diet", " (Insert Any Quick Fix Diet here) but diet in the true sense of the word...the foods I eat, and exercise. After having a talk with myself - yeah I do that sometimes, you know you do too- I came that to the conclusion that I should be and I am proud of my progress, as my friend reminded me of last week. She was really impressed that I lost close to 50 pounds in 6 months (BTW Im 50 down now) and I really think I sparked something in her because she started a "diet" that same week and Im really encouraging her to keep going because she's tried and failed numerous times, but haven't we all? I hope that my progress will continue to encourage and inspire her to keep going. But I digress back to this "diet" and my reasons for feeling shitty...I was having feeling really down on myself about my progress and along with receiving lots of compliments last week that reminded me I should be proud of myself. I received a lot of questioning about if Im dieting and what diet Im on o_O Yeahhhhh people automatically assume Im on a diet because Im losing weight. I have to explain to them that I changed my diet but Im not on a diet and it was fairly easy to lose weight if you go from having McDonald's for every meal to not having McD's every meal and including more fruits and veggies in my diet. Along with working out to boot because I don't want to be skinny fat, matter of fact I don't want to be skinny, I just want to be fit! =) **Sidenote** My coworker lost over 100 pounds but she's more skinny fat than fit but you can't tell her that...Her weight loss is inspiring but mmh I don't want to be her. **End Sidenote** Now I still eat fast food but I make healthier choices like having a salad over a burger and diet soda  (yeah I know) or water over plain soda and juices, and I know its not perfect, which is why I consider myself a 80/20 eater but it works for me. I wish people didn't assume I was on a special diet to lose weight and realize they can do it too instead of scarfing down Big Mac's everyday,  then complaining about why they can't lose weight. Change your diet don't go on a diet.

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