Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I Learned: May Edition

Well today is the 2nd to last day in May and I didn't reach my goal of 10 pounds for the month =( I did finally manage to land in ONEderland but I didnt hit the mark of 190. So mmh yeah thats the new goal for June to get under 190! As of yesterday I am 196.8 up .2 from the day before of 196.6 AND you don't even want to know today's weight because TOM came yesterday and brought the flucking fury! SMDH sometimes it sucks to be a woman goshdammit! Im sure it will go back down in a few days but right now Im just as heavy as ever. My weight progress for May:

Apparently I loss almost 7 pounds this month and didn't even know it. This is why Im tracking this because without it, I would've been severly depressed about not meeting my goal for the month.

I did manage to complete week 1 of the C25K program and I have to say that Im truly impressed with myself. My goal is to run a 5K by late July/August. I remember loving to run when I was younger and being the fastest runner in my school - granted it was elementary, I still was fast. I had endurance like a motherfucker and I could run forever. Now not so much. Its tough carrying around all this weight but I digress. This is my second time trying the C25K program and this time around is a little better, which I think has to do with me running outside as opposed to inside of the treadmill aka the "dreadmill" as its called by most authentic runners. Im even able to run further which I think its because Im running faster because theres no contraption that keeps me at a certain speed. I run what my body tells me and slow down when it says the same. Either or I WILL BE A RUNNER! One day at least...I hope.

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