Monday, May 16, 2011


Yeah I'm sure your amused by the title of my blog. I am too because I always find it funny that people assume that just because you're overweight, it means that you've spent too much time in the kitchen. Sometimes it may be true...but in my case its not. I just spent too much time in the drive thru :-p Ordering too many hamburgers and eating cheesecake! Which is all fine and dandy in moderation but I'm sure everyday can't be good for anyone. I've always loved to make but as far as cooking...I HATE IT! Mostly because I don't have anyone to cool for, mainly because its easier to stop at a restaurant them slave on the kitchen for hours (and also because the womanist in me thinks being in the kitchen would reform me into being too domesticated). I didn't go to college for nothing! I digress I've never loved cooking, but on my journey to get to a healthier me I've had to start choking so that I know exactly what's going into my food and how many calories are going into my body. Which is ultimately key to weight loss NO if's, and's or but's about it! I decided to start documenting to keep me on track and accountable (and occasionally vent) about becoming a healthier me :-)

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