Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Days

These past two days have been terrible! After feeling overwhelmed with not losing weight fast enough, stressing about every calorie, tracking my exercise I decided to quit! Yep...I quit. Well at least temporarily because I have a goal and momma ain't raise no quitter! :-p I recently started back up on my C25k program and boy oh boy its going to be a long road. But I want to do some 5k's and I also want to go for the big dog...a HALF MARATHON by year end or early next year. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than knocking out miles with ease or even just finishing it, at least that's the way it is for me. The holidays are coming up so I'll more than likely be staying home and avoiding all the BBQ temptations. I've indulged enough over the past few days and I paid for it dearly. One thing is for sure when you easy like feel like shit! Lesson #2,564,328,264 learned.

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